February 3, 2017

What to expect

We try our best to make this an easy, simple and comfortable procedure.  You can find out how many sessions you need by first figuring out what you need, fat reduction or skin tightening or both?  For best results, fat reduction works best with a session of skin tightening.




The number of fat reduction sessions depends on your BMI.  Calculate your BMI here.

  • If your BMI is 18.50 to 22.99, we recommend 2 sessions
  • If your BMI is 23 to 27.49, we recommend 3 sessions
  • if your BMI is 27.50 and higher, we recommend 4 sessions

You can do up to 4 sessions.  For additional sessions, we recommend that you wait a minimum of 6 months to give your body time to adjust and acclimate.

The number of skin tightening sessions is always 6 to 8 sessions for best results.

We use vaseline with fat reduction and coconut oil with skin tightening to glide the hand pieces against your skin.  It is non invasive with no down time and will feel like a hot massage!

Wear comfortable undergarments during your appointment.