February 3, 2017

What is Smooth FIVE-0?







Smooth FIVE-0 is a membership that allows women to work on multiple body parts and upkeep the work already done.

The truth is that collagen production is like a work out, if you stop, your body will revert back to its original weakness in the skin.  Cellulite will come back, sagging skin will come back, loose skin will come back. But at only $50 a session, and only once every 4-8 weeks, it’s affordable!

In addition, who is lucky enough to be unhappy about only 1 body part? With Smooth FIVE-0, the prices are so good, you don’t have to choose…you can work on as many body parts as you want: stomach, legs, neck, arms and more!

And lastly, we are only getting older. So as much as we try to stay looking young and healthy, it will be a constant battle. If I have cellulite today, that means my cellulite will only get worst unless I reduce it today and stay in front of it with upkeep.  If my body likes to collect fat in my mid section…it’s only going to keep adding it on and that fat only gets more stubborn and harder to take off. So with fat reduction sessions, I can get some of that stubborn fat off of me, jump back into working out and eating healthy…and if need be in 6 months to a year, I can do an extra fat reduction session to make sure I don’t let the fat settle back.

Smooth Your Bod isn’t about a one time fix, it’s about staying in front of the inevitable…it’s about getting a little start up help to motivate you to get healthy again. Because battling to look healthy is a task that is so intimating and daunting, that we most often fail before we even try.  But if there was a way to not start from that point and instead start from looking healthy and then just having to keep the fat off…now that is much more uplifting and motivating!